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Pervasive Systems Spin-Offs

The Pervasive Systems group has successfully transferred its knowledge and innovative results to its spin-offs:

Antaris Solutions
Antaris Solutions, based in Doorn (the Netherlands), is a global provider of cold chain management solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Antaris serves its customers with innovative solutions that turn real-time visibility into actionable information. By leveraging the most advanced wireless sensor networking technologies, we enable pro-active intervention and continuous process improvements. Our award-winning SmartView platform serves as an integrated cold chain control center that has helped Panalpina and other customers to achieve major improvements in process quality and customer service. Antaris was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Ambient Systems, the pioneering company in dynamic wireless sensor networking.
Inertia Technology B.V.
Inertia Technology B.V., established in December 2008, develops a new set of user centric services based on the analysis of human motion and the interaction among users and their surroundings. The core technology is based on low power wireless sensor nodes, equipped with inertial measurement units. The sensor nodes are attached to people and objects for measuring their movement characteristics. The Inertia system is a collection of sensor nodes that represents a self-organizing wireless mesh network. Using the wireless medium as the main communication channel, the system processes data in real-time and gives feedback on which is the current activity and performance of the user.
Locus Positioning B.V.
Indoor positioning technology of Locus Positioning provides the possibility to track assets and people and provide navigation in (indoor) environments in which GPS is not available or is too expensive. Locus provides a flexible software based positioning solution that achieves superior accuracy (typically less than 1 meter indoor) compared to high-end dedicated positioning systems, while using off the shelf technologies, and available at an affordable cost level, thereby opening many new application areas.
Smart Signs Solutions B.V.
Smart Signs Solutions B.V., established in November 2008, is developing an electronic signposting system, providing personalized guidance and messaging called Smart Signs. Smart Signs combine the advantages of traditional signage, which subsumes traditional directional signs and messages, with the re-activeness and flexibility of personal services, such as navigational support, and SMS. The Smart Signs system uses contexts such as a user's mobility limitations, the weather, and possible emergency situations like fire or medical needs to optimize routes and messaging.
TerraTeq B.V.
TerraTeq is an open innovation company specialized in the development of wireless smart sensing systems for environmental and animal monitoring and tracking applications. TerraTeq biotelemetry monitoring system allows researchers to monitor and track animals and birds in real-time. TerraTeq supports a range of small radio monitoring systems that can be attached to animals and birds. TerraTeq technology includes advanced sensing and processing capabilities. Wide area coverage is made possible through LPWAN technology or GSM devices, which enables wireless monitoring of wild life.